About us

This website was created to help us and other people and businesses to connect more easily. Nowadays everything is functioning around the internet and technology. Therefore, we had to keep up with the advancing technology so we decided to create a website that will benefit both us and our clients. Our clients will benefit because they can more easily find out information about us and our services. Everything that is important you can find here in one place, you can even make an appointment through the website to meet us in person.

Our goals

The goals we have for the future are always been similar. From the beginning, we had the goal to grow and improve our working qualities and services. These days those goals are still our main priority because you can never have enough progress and growth as a company. Of course, we have some new goals, but improvement is our main focus point.

Our Team

Peter Watson

CEO of our company, therefore he is one of the most important people. Of course, he is very helpful to the company.

Kevin Ross

our Best employee that we ever had. He has been with us from the start. He is the most experienced employee.

Garry Price

Team manager, his job is to control every of our employee. He has a very important part in our company.

Harold Perry

Operator that is working on the phone and computer. A part of his job is to help our clients if they have any questions.